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The Worst Addictions of IT and Their Cure – Part 4

Everybody has bad habits which can turn into compulsions if not controlled. While technology addiction is a real thing, IT pros have their own monkeys on their backs. An inability to relinquish control can lead to technology silos and turf wars. Overdependence on artificial intelligence can actually hurt your company and the shiny new toys may not be the most cost-effective solutions for your organization.

Addiction: Shiny New Objects

Everybody loves new toys, but it can become a problem when it results in closets full of unused hardware and licenses for software that time has forgotten. There’s a beautiful fixation that we all have with what we have, What do we need to build next? What do we need to do next? What do we need to sell next? Are we actually just meeting the basics? Are we making it easier for them to do things? The latest hardware or software is not a panacea for solving your most critical IT issues. Remember the business triangle — people, process, and technology. People and process are equally if not more important than all the hardware and software in your arsenal.

The cure: Take the money and apply it to training the people who work for you instead of purchasing the latest shiny object. Build a team to manage your projects, and make sure there’s a clear business justification for every major purchase. You need to step away from the glossy trade rags and get back to the basics when you don’t know the business justification for spending dollars on an IT asset.

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