Episode 69 : Using New Techs Enhance

Using new techs to enhance security

Emerging technology can create the biggest threats but they can also be leveraged to enhance security and fight cyber risks. How does machine learning help in building advance cyber security and analytics.

Ms Meetali Sharma, Corporate Risk, Compliance and Security Leader, Leader Director ISACA, New Delhi

Machine Learning definitely will help because a lot of the things and a lot of the tasks that you are doing now manually you will be able to automate them, you will be able to bring a lot of element of automation into it. However, With machine learning many things will be a little difficult also because the human element will be gone so what is the kind of data that you feed into the machine will be the data that you will come out with so it more like garbage in and garbage out. So if you don’t put the right kind of data you won’t get the right output.

Col Indrajeet Singh, Chief Information Officer, Vara United Limited.

It’s going to be anomaly so they are going to be unsupervised, they are going to be supervised, and they re going to be automated more of learning of any data which is going through. When it is automated more of data machine learning itself or AI itself will have a code to overcome any attack which is going to happen and also it will be able to tell the vulnerability which are going to be there and it will be able to design an algorithms which will take care of the attacks.
Mr. Rohit Singh, Country Manager – Asia Pacific and India Region, Telesoft Technologies

The key factor which is being helped by machine learning are that Machine Learning enables to identify the nature of the threats, the anomalies which are there in the network or data packet which is flowing into the network.

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