Emerging Technologies for Rapid Digital Transformation – Part 1

We are living in exponential times and most people involved in enterprise technology are well aware that the rate of change across most technological trends is occurring at a rate far quicker than in years past. The pressure to keep pace and deliver a wider range of digital capabilities is greater In this hyper-competitive yet nearly flat operating environment that organizations face today, where customer choices are almost all equally accessible. Here are some of the technologies that are supporting the rapid digital transformation:

Apache Spark: The ability to process and analyze today’s vast and growing volumes of business data in a timely and effective manner is a big hurdle as companies look to take advantage of big data. Apache Spark, a powerful open source tool that enables instantaneous stream analytics is an effective tool for getting over that hurdle.

Owing to its ability to harness and process vast amounts of data, Spark provides companies with unprecedented agility to make better decisions faster and more confidently. Data processing that used to take months or weeks can be completed in hours or even in real-time, supplying additional speed and productivity to business operations.

Capriza: The enterprise’s shift to mobility has been steady and inexorable yet painfully slow. Lack of mobile app development resources and expertise has been one main challenge for the organizations’. Capriza, an enterprise mobility company addresses this by providing a solution that allows anyone from an IT leader to a business user to quickly and cost-effectively create their own mobile apps on top of existing IT systems.

The Capriza platform takes existing application’s workflows and the associated business logic to quickly create and deploy mobile micro apps instead of spending resource-intensive cycles designing or customizing mobile apps from scratch, thus accelerating time to value for IT. This type of fast mobile enablement is often crucial for businesses looking for quick wins in their digital transformation efforts.

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