Artificial Intelligence For Customer Experience – Use Cases – Part 2

The buzzword across nearly all industries, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has caused a lot of talk about how it can transform customer experience. But what does it actually look like when it’s put into playing a role in the customer experience? The possibilities may be endless, but primarily boil down to the following ideas.

The Use of Personalization Improves Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence For Customer Experience – Use Cases – Part 2

When it comes to customer experience, personalization is a huge advantage to AI. Modern customers expect offers according to their needs. For instance, a blast email with a general offer won’t appeal to nearly as many people as a targeted offer that directly addresses what a customer is looking for. However, creation of personalized experiences is difficult and time-consuming for humans. AI and machine learning can sift through millions of pieces of information to find out exactly what matters to customers to create a personalized experience.

Customer Insights Bring Important Findings for Businesses

AI is changing the way companies get customer insights. AI can find trends and predict what customers will want in the future using the vast amount of data that is available on customers today. For instance, Spotify used data from its more than 100 million customers to create an eye-catching ad campaign. Spotify used AI to sort through the data and highlighted some of the most unique customer trends on billboards around the world. Spotify took the customer data and humanized it through AI. Many other companies are also using AI to gain customer insights to improve future experiences.

When it comes to customer experience, AI is a powerhouse. It allows companies to create faster, more personalized experiences as well as enable them to gain insights and advantages to lead customer experience in the future.

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