The Demand for Soft Skills is Only Increasing

As far as hiring in IT is considered, we saw a number of shifts in 2018. By blending full-time IT staff with contract work, new trends are emerging and companies are also working to cut costs. In between all the mayhem, soft skills are even more in demand at present, and the perks that aren’t really necessary are going for a toss.

While computer science graduates and those with certifications are indeed required, soft skills are the most significant trend in recruiting. One must be able to communicate clearly, listen carefully, and be a strong team player, that’s what astute companies are now recruiting for. Recruiters are screening for character and skill, especially at startups where every hire has an immense impact. An organization can help people build skills but character and attitude are difficult to change.

Some firms throw gimmicky perks to sweeten their job offerings as they are facing immense trouble in recruiting and keeping top talent. However, it may not help. In certain hot tech markets, the pain is particularly acute so companies are falling victim to short-term thinking. They compete by offering crazy packages to attract star players but it’s fraught with peril in the long term. You run into all kinds of issues around levelling and over time and it ultimately leads to discontent on the team.

What employees want is a sense of meaning at work, rather than institutionalized “fun.”

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