While Security Jobs Take a Rise, Job Security is in Jeopardy

As far as hiring in IT is considered, we saw a number of shifts in 2018. By blending full-time IT staff with contract work, new trends are emerging and companies are also working to cut costs. At present, security jobs are selling like hot cakes. On the other hand, job security is slowly becoming a myth as more and more organizations are firing their employees left, right and centre.

Many companies are still woefully unprepared despite headline-grabbing security attacks. Still, the number of openings is far more than security experts. Security is a top concern for all companies and we’re definitely seeing more full-time in-house security folks and many as members of the executive team. Unfortunately, there’s a real scarcity of security folks, so finding one is a challenge. This year saw increased demand for developers who know Python, Ruby and Java — coupled with credentials in information security. Testing new applications in real time and being able to integrate security testing into the process speeds up time to market, in turn helping organizations who are seeing faster growth react and scale with demand.

Some of the best-known tech companies have some of the shortest tenures according to Payscale’s survey of tech industry salaries. This includes the corporate giants like Facebook, Uber and Amazon — all less than 2 years. They may also be some of the most aggressive in hiring, which lends itself to job jumping, for better pay and opportunities, rather than attrition. On average, if you start a job, you’ll last there for four years. So while security jobs are on a rise, the probability of having a secure job is itself going down.

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