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Episode 133: The state of global environmental sustainability in data center design

Datacenters have become a key partner for enterprises, instead of just being an external service used to store data and business operation models. Even a small issue in datacenter operations can impact the business.

Today, the datacenters are lifeblood for every business, but they also impact the world. Around 3% of the total electricity around the world is consumed by datacenters, which is more than the entire power consumption of the UK. Further, these account for 2% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, and 2% electronic waste (e-waste).

According to “Data Centers and the Environment” report by Super Micro Computer, 43% of organizations don’t have an environmental policy, and 50% of them don’t have any plan to develop such a policy anytime soon. The reasons for not having environmental policy are high costs (29%), lack of resources or understanding (27%), while 14% don’t consider environmental issues a priority.

Some of the key findings of the report:

  • 28% businesses consider environmental issues while selecting datacenter technology
  • Average datacenter Power Usage Effectiveness is 1.89
  • Average datacenter temperature is 24.6o C
  • Three-quarters of datacenters refresh their systems within 5 years
  • Datacenter E-Waste expected to increase 8% each year

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