Digital Business Trends to Watch in 2019 – Part 2

Digital businesses are often not prepared for digital transformation. Instead of a flexible framework of networked teams that work on transforming key business processes, they’re organized within silos around traditional functions. While adoption of new technologies has been the focus of many digital transformation efforts, this has been like forcing a square peg into a round hole without first doing some organizational redesign. Dimension Data’s Technology Trends 2019 report explores seven key areas of focus for companies, with digital business playing a critical role.

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Organizations Will Restructure to Get Ready for Digital Transformation

Many companies aren’t set up correctly for digital transformation as antiquated job functions and processes have resulted in a real lack of flexibility. Things are changing now as more companies realize that to transform successfully, they must first redesign their core business processes around the customer experience and only then can they reorganize the enterprise to align with digital transformations they seek.

Although not all of them want/need a radical, non-hierarchical structure like some digital natives have adopted but they should start by adding a network of project-based teams tasked with transforming particular business units. More enterprises will abandon their ‘technology first’ attempts at digital transformation in 2019 and will embrace a ‘customer first’ approach. As a consequence, successful digital transformers will focus on what their customers want. They’ll use data to understand their customers intimately and individually and innovate relevant offerings, redesign business processes, and restructure the organization around them. Then and only then will they implement enabling technologies successfully.

IoT Is Starting to Deliver ROI

Companies are finally starting to enjoy a positive impact on corporate profitability from their Internet of Things (IoT) implementations post much hype and buzz, and this upward trend will accelerate through 2019. The kind of projects that that look at data through a new lens and apply IoT at multiple points in the value chain produce a concrete financial improvement. Only when you use IoT to monitor an entire business process and blend your own data with third-party sources can the best business outcomes be obtained.

For instance, The Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation is using IoT throughout the process of growing, transporting, and processing sugar cane, thus increasing their efficiency at every point and improving corporate profitability. They use it to monitor the water levels in fields, rivers, and reservoirs and then combine this with remotely gathered data on crop growth and health. Weather forecast data is then layered on so that the corporation can consider the cost of the electricity required to pump water for irrigation.


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