Disruptions CIOs May Not See Coming – Part 2

Gartner’s latest research has pointed out CIOs may not be prepared for seven digital disruptions in the coming years, including quantum computing, swarm technology and nanotechnology. Digital disruption is the single largest challenge facing enterprises and technology providers today. Unlike technology-triggered disruptions in the past, the virtual nature of digital disruptions makes them much more difficult to deal with. CIOs must work with their business peers to pre-empt digital disruption by becoming experts at recognising, prioritising and responding to early indicators. Let’s take a look at those disruptions:


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Nanotechnology is science, engineering and technology conducted at the nanoscale of 1 to 100 nanometers according to Gartner. Due to nanotechnology’s implications, the creation of solutions involve individual atoms and molecules. Nanotech is used to create new effects in materials science such as self-healing materials and has also found applications in medicine, electronics, security and manufacturing industries. Though growing rapidly as common a concept as many others, the technology still remains sparsely understood in its impact on the world at large. It becomes possible to advance the cause of printed organic materials and even human tissue that is generated from individual stem cells when we consider applications that begin to allow things like 3D printing at nanoscale. While 3D bioprinting has shown promise, nanotech is helping deliver on it.

Swarm intelligence

Swarm intelligence is the collective behaviour of decentralised, self-organised systems, whether natural or artificial. Consisting of small computing elements (either physical entities or software agents) that follow simple rules for coordinating their activities, a swarm can be scaled up and down easily as needs change and can be replicated quickly and inexpensively. CIOs should start exploring the concept to scale management, especially in digital business scenarios.

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