Predictive Intelligence in 2019

Advancements in technologies have had a great impetus on human lives over the past few decades. Its numerous debates on the benefits and drawbacks apart, AI is a dominant reality we need to acclimatize ourselves with. Companies made efforts to leverage technology to add value to clients, employees, and stakeholders last year. In 2019, technology advancements will continue to dominate in redefining enterprise competitive advantage and create a base for future enterprise progression.  Predictive Intelligence in 2019

With the use of embedded sensors, data about physical spaces of human beings, discussion forums, social networks, data from mobile phones, etc., new sources of structured and unstructured data are being generated at an exponential rate. Digital enterprises are analyzing this data about their customers, competitors, vendors, markets, products as well as services to draw inferences and key decision points.

This exponential growth in data being captured from various resources is what enterprises of the future will need to sense and respond to. With Digital Intelligent Ubiquitous Computing Systems consisting of human and machine networks acting as the foundation for business and technology architectures, they will also witness unparalleled technology adoption. Such systems will have the end user at the focus along with various devices, technologies, and networks facilitating seamless computing, communication, collaboration as well as commerce related functionalities to the end users.

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