Tech Leaders can Reform Software-Defined Data Center Networks – Here’s How – Part 1

SDDCN performance requires advanced network software to deliver, manage and secure high-speed traffic flows, and network administrators need automated solutions to monitor critical applications and deliver reliable service quality. To deliver specified performance for private-cloud applications, the SDDCN combines compute resources (virtual machines and containers) and storage (disk and flash). Data-center resources can be easily re-allocated through software abstraction to address changing application requirements without altering the underlying physical computation, storage or network elements.

Here are some factors to keep an eye in order to optimize the performance of SDDNCs:

Multi-cloud Migration

Most organizations now live in a multi-cloud world with applications running on a wide range of platforms for IaaS, SaaS and internal data centers. IT organizations need to be able to track application performance independently of the platform and migrate applications/data to the most suitable service based on latency, security/compliance and cost concerns. Increasingly, network software (both in the data center and SD-WAN) will be used to track data flows and facilitate applications/data migration to the appropriate platform.By integrating network security, cloud-based security, and internal IT security systems, IT will be challenged during 2019 to enable multi-cloud support.

Customer Experience

The latest IT buzzwords relate to digital transformation and provide an excellent experience for customers. Business leaders are now expecting IT to transform their internal data center resources to deliver public-cloud services ‘ responsiveness and flexibility. Managers of the data center will continue to leverage network software to identify and prioritize key applications, particularly those that impact clients. This includes the ability to increase or decrease capacity as spikes and ebbs of web traffic and tools to quickly fix performance issues. For 2019, the ability of network professionals to deliver expected customer experience will increasingly be judged.

New Tools for DevOps, Containers, and Serverless Environments

IT uses new ways of rapidly developing applications to enable digital transformation. These main DevOps leverage microservices running on containers and in serverless environments in the near future. The network of the data center must adapt to the new requirements containers put on the network, including scalability, predictable performance, multi-tenancy and security. With their weeks of waiting time, the old manual methods of data center network provisioning have no place in the DevOps world. Intended networking principles will be increasingly deployed during 2019 to accelerate automation. White-box switching and related NOSes.Growth in North-South and East-West data-center network traffic continues to drive high-speed Ethernet deployment. In order to increase their data center network capacity, many organizations are considering cost-effective white-box Ethernet switches. Customers can select white-box switches from a variety of network operating system suppliers. In 2019, white box switches will be more widely adopted–beyond hyperscale cloud entities.

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