Tech Leaders can Reform Software-Defined Data Center Networks – Here’s How – Part 2

SDDCN performance requires advanced network software to deliver, manage and secure high-speed traffic flows, and network administrators need automated solutions to monitor critical applications and deliver reliable service quality. To deliver specified performance for private-cloud applications, the SDDCN combines compute resources (virtual machines and containers) and storage (disk and flash). Datacenter resources can be easily re-allocated through software abstraction to address changing application requirements without altering the underlying physical computation, storage or network elements.

Here are some factors to keep an eye in order to optimize the performance of SDDNCs:

White-box switching and related NOSes

Growth in North-South and East-West data-center network traffic continues to drive high-speed Ethernet deployment. In order to increase their data center network capacity, many organizations are considering cost-effective white-box Ethernet switches. Customers can select white-box switches from a variety of network operating system suppliers. In 2019, white box switches will be more widely adopted–beyond hyperscale cloud entities.

Intent-based networking improvements

Intent-based networking (IBN) abstracts network complexity and improves automation through the use of natural-language requests for network resources to reduce or eliminate the need for human intervention. Current SDDCN technologies can assign IP addresses automatically, configure vLANs, and provide insight into security anomalies and slowdowns in applications. IBN will gain the ability to leverage machine-learning techniques in 2019 to further automate orchestration and management of the data center network.

Architecture options

An abundance of architectural options will continue to be faced by IT professionals with plans to implement a private cloud or SDDC. There are no clear plans for a fully automated SDDCN to be deployed, and the design options are much more like building a custom home than choosing a new car from three feature levels. Vendors offer architectural options, but IT professionals can also choose to build a white-box switched SDDCN with independent NOS suppliers. In 2019, system integrators and large IT providers in their SDDCN offerings will become more prescriptive.

Keep watching this space for more.

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