How is Vadodra as a smart City?


Speaker 1 : Mr. Ashutosh Vaidya, Chief Delivery Officer, TATA Technologies.

I’ve been associated with Gujarat a long time, finished my education here. And after that I’ve been visiting almost every few years and I every time I come back I find significant Improvement in the way things work here. I see technology in the play and lot of good use of technology. So, whether I go to cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodra or transit through airports, it is very impressive to see the use of technology and my look forward to government of Gujarat spending more and more energy to make sure that services are for customers, citizens, businesses and common public continue to improve the way they have been using  new technologies.


 Speaker 2: Mr. Ripu Daman Singh, Head Administration- Purchase & Compliances, L&T Technology Services.

There is a focus from Municipal corporation on to this area and also the IT sector, the IT industries in Vadodra or doing some of the activities which will help in making it a smart city.

Like, we are placing cameras on roads. They are capturing of information about people who are travelling here and there. So, all such information once analyzed I think will help to give a better service quality, the better city environment life, maybe slowly it may help us in predicting the environment conditions at various locations so that we can decide at what time we go for walk what time we don’t go for work so that we can take care of various things. So, I think as a city it is evolving, may take some more time. But then yes, there is a focus and IT industry in Vadodra is geared up to support to convert into a smart city.


Speaker 3:  Mr. Jaimin Shah, IMD & CEO, DEV IT Ltd.

As we all know Vadodra is always a Pioneer City to implement innovative and newer things since kings were here and we all know it’s a really a city which adopts newer thing very fast and currently whenever we see as far as infrastructure is concerned and as far as a smart city solutions are concerned, Vadodra  has always accepted and adopted newer ideas easily and very fast.


Speaker 4: Mr. Chetan Shah, Head-IT Infrastructure, L&T Technology Services.

Vadodra is the third largest city of Gujarat and the way in which the smart city project is being taken up in Vadodra, that is really in a very good way and I am sure that this will become a role model for the other cities to come as a smart City.


Speaker 5: Mr Jitendra Mandalia, Associate Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt.Ltd.

The smart city will have a number of  IoTs or the devices which are placed on the field in the city either for camera or environmental sensor or  smart signals, public address systems and so on. They are integrated into a command center where the city is being managed digitally looking at the data received from this IoT devices and working on these issues. The normal issues that comes on day-to-day life for citizens of cities such as any civic issues or traffic issues and the command center helps the administration both the municipal corporation and the police department to solve these issues in a faster time by use of this technology.


Speaker 6: Mr. Anindya S Mukherjee, System Engineer, VEEAM

The development is visible now and a lot of changes that is happening in terms of the transport system, the parking system and the CCTV surveillance systems and all of that is omnipresent. So, obviously it will go on to be bigger and brighter. Let’s hope for a better to tomorrow.


Speaker 7: Mr. Ankit Shah, VP-Business Development, NetWeb Software.

It is indeed amongst the top smart cities that are coming up and over the past few years. We have experienced quite a few changes and implementations that are benefiting to the citizens. So, I’m sure we’ve come a long way and there’s still a long way to go, but it’s going to be a very good Smart City in the near future.

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