Indian Customers Against Use of Technology to Track Buying Patterns: Survey

In a recent study, as many as 77% of Indian customers think that organizations gather too much information on them and 74% opposed the use of technological tools to evaluate their purchasing habits. A study undertaken by Verint Systems in 18 nations and 34,000 customers outlined how an’always on’ era has resulted in the explosion of unstructured customer engagement data from digital channels.

Indian Customers Against Use of Technology to Track Buying Patterns: Survey

More than 2000 consumers in India who have access to a digital platform participated in the study to reveal their evaluation of problems such as how clients perceive data privacy, their willingness to accept data breach, and the use of technology to analyze purchasing patterns for customers, a Verint statement said.

According to the results, approximately 77% of Indian participants agreed that organizations gather too much information about them and 74% of Indian participants said that using technology to analyze their purchasing patterns and preferences is “scary,” the statement noted.

“Out of the 18 nations surveyed, Indian clients are taking the lead as 73% of participants voted to actively avoid products using technology to analyze and monitor their buying/engagement patterns,” he added.

About 75 percent of the surveyed Indian customers agreed that service providers could not do much to avoid a data breach, but most did not want to engage with a brand that encountered data hacking.

However, the study observed that Indian customers are prepared to share their private data in return for discounts and personalized services.

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