How AI, IoT and Blokchain Technologies Compliment Each Other?


Dr. Amit Ganatra, Professor, Charusat University and Ankit Shah, VP Business Development, NetWeb Software explains how AI, IoT and Blokchain technologies compliment each other?

The data captured by sensors is part of IoT and this data is made available through cloud then this data get analysed which is the part of data analytics. Now, this data has to be secured and the security aspect is Blockchain. Basically,frontend is IoT sensors and when we talk about the backend cloud through which data is coming to servers and then when we say analytics then machine learning and artificial intelligence will come in picture and from security perspective Blockchain will come in picture. So all these are co related.

This means, they are all integrated very tightly. The use of AI, IoT and Blockchain when put together creates a fantastic platform for providing solutions across different industry verticals. It is not just for a particular industry but IoT can be used for manufacturing, it can be used in consumer devices. So putting all these together is just helping more efficient and more effective solutions.

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