Balancing between security & agility | Raman Pillai | Ather Energy

CXOTV interact with Mr. Raman Pillai, General Manager IT, Ather Energy

Q.1) How do you manage this partnership between IT and the rest of the business?

Nowadays it and business is no longer two different verticals. We both together hand to hand and whatever the feedbacks which we get from the business team has to be converted into the ID requirement and vice versa. You cannot say that they are different. So, both the fields have now merged and came as one in the field. Without both working together the success cannot be there.

Q.2) With the rise of digitization and digital platform, what are the things a modern day CIO must keep in mind to be successful in this line of work?

With the rise of digitization, CIOs have to keep in mind that we are scalable. We have to grow up the pace. We have to be agile, things are nowadays moving with a rapid pace. So, we have to make sure with the increased demand we have to scale accordingly and we have to be flexible as well and nowadays with the advent of new technologies like AI,  ML and big data, big query, data leaks we have to be keeping on the pace and thinking ten years down the line.

If  your vision is just to see the trends which is currently there, you cannot be successful in the markets. So, now you either get disrupted by somebody else or you have to become disruptor.

If you want to be a disruptor, you have two think ten years down the line, not just for now and this is why every CIO has an equally important role to make the business see what is the upcoming trends and the things which we can see in the long division and how to cultivate that into the business requirement and then to keep the customers the same kind of conclusions and closures in the near future.

Q3) What is your agenda for 2019-2020?

We are growing at a very rapid pace and with a very  rapid Pace I can say that lot of minerals and gen Zs are coming into the in 2020 and they have a different view of working, different view of doing the work.

So, with that I see that we have to change a culture from the traditional view of we are working to the way in which these millennials  can be adjusted to and with this we have to see lot of security challenges where we have to give them the flexibility as well as secure the organization.

So, there is a very slight balance that we’ve to maintain between the security and the agility which is the biggest agenda now for us.

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