Approach to cyber security: New Immune System Technologies

Q. How new immune system technologies are imperative for the next generation of cyber defence?

Speaker 1 : Rakhi R Wadhwani, CISC | InfoSec Author | Auditor | Consultant | Trainer :

It is very essential that we need to be aware and be on top of the different types of threats and issues that we are facing in the industry. We cannot be 100 percent compliant. We cannot be a hundred  percent secure but at least we have to ensure that the loopholes that we have are actually looked into and mitigate it, to best of the expertise that is available.

Speaker 2: Advocate Vicky Shah, Cyber Law, e-Identity Theft & Business Misrepresentation (BEC), Frauds Prevention, Data Protection & Privacy, GDPR :

Risks are evolving, are changing based on the technologies that are being available. Earlier, we had different kind of risk, now we have different kind of risk. What happens generally when a new  technology come like the block chain, AI and other stuff, you have to have solutions designed with that technology. We will see a lot of innovative solution which will be available so that the latest risk can be covered.

Speaker 3 : Darshan Shanthamurthy, CEO, SISA Information Security :

It’s a necessity. They’re no longer a luxury. We have things like dockers, containers. We have things like cloud. We have systems being out of the traditional corporate environment today.

The data is all over the place. So, it requires a different approach, a different mindset, an acceptance of augment of information security teams inside organization saying that, hey, I’m losing control, but I need to do something different now because the old traditional methods of data protection is no longer going to safeguard us.

Speaker 4 : Vaibhav Patkar, Head of Risk & Compliance:

The way that technology is changing, the threats are also changing.

We talked about SSL was a secure technology once upon a time. But that also got compromised. So, you cannot call anything is immune today because the threats are ever changing. All we can do is understand the existing scenario and implement controls in such a way that you can be relatively safe. I will not tell hundred percent safe because something or other we definitely fail. That the technology or the security folks should be understanding those failures and anticipating those failures and be prepared to address such kind of threats.

Speaker 5 : Prasanna Lohar, Innovation Head & Technical Architect, DCB Bank :

The way current systems or future systems are moving ahead, more or more systems are going to come on aggregation model or sharing economy or on mobility and IoT. So, systems are not like that clients server model and you have really fence  some of the networks and create awareness of people. So in the next generation of cyber defense,I think what is needed is that defense has to be there inherently within the system.

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