Digital Marketing as a Career

What are the emerging trends in marketing?

There are newest trends which are emerging in the marketing field especially digital marketing. There is AI, machine learning, data science- these are the new aura of digital marketing and marketing is going to transform with the integration of AI, machine learning, data science, chatbots etc. Once they integrate into the entire marketing channels they will improve the customer experience engagement and all the organisations needs to realise that these are growing trends in marketing to plan their complete market strategy. If they are marketing agencies and are handling the marketing and branding campaigns, they need to inculcate the same for the marketing strategy. And if they don’t follow that they are going to suffer and customers won’t be satisfied.

As the technology has evolved, how has it affected Digital marketing?

It has impacted the entire ecosystem as a whole. If we see the latest example of facebook has launched new call to action button i.e. sent on WhatsApp, now this can be a game changer in terms of chatbots. It can redirect into the customers WhatsApp and automate that with the WhatsApp business as well. These are the latest stuff that will impact the digital marketing and also the brand needs to realise and work on the same.

What are the challenges faced by fresher in Digital marketing?

If you talk about the challenges, first you need to communicate the benefits of the digital marketing not to the students but to the parents because they are the ones who take the decision about their career. Now once the parents are satisfied, students can pursue their career in digital marketing.  Moreover, Digital marketing is an evolving field and it requires people pursuing it to be continually on top of the trends.

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