How is digital marketing helping in the growth of business today? | Chirag Singhal

1. How is digital marketing helping in the growth of business today?

Marketing is an integral part to grow business. If you look at traditional marketing or digital marketing both in a way helps to grow business. Previously only traditional companies were doing traditional marketing, they were doing ATL BTL activities, they were focusing on television, radio, print ads, the landscape has changed now. Digital is supporting the traditional marketing, in fact traditional marketing is evolving into digital marketing. If you look at companies like Hotstar, Uber they have primarily built on the digital marketing initiative. Digital plays a very important role, marketing as a whole plays very important role.

2. What are the emerging trends in marketing?

Marketing has evolved, what we see marketing in today is totally different from what marketing was 10 years back. Today the likes of Google, Facebook has taken over you can do hyper personalization when it comes to marketing

3. What is the future of Digital marketing?

I would not say Digital marketing is the future, but entire marketing has evolved into Digital marketing. So everything and anything today is run digitally. Companies have started investing 80% of their marketing budgets on digital. For eg- Flipkart spends their 90% on digital and some of their sales are only on digital. They don’t do any television activities or print ad activities for those sales. In Aditya Birla, majority of our spends are on digital.

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