Insights and competitive advantage of Augmented Intelligence

Arin Dubey, AVP-CCO, Barclays, a result oriented professional with 17+years of experience in the Information Technology field gives insight and competitive advantage of Augmented Intelligence, difference between Augmented Intelligence & existing AI system. Also gives us insight on the businesses & processes are best suited for Augmented Intelligence.

 Q) Effectiveness of Augmented Intelligence.

When we talk about augmented reality or augmented intelligence, right now we are evolving. We are not there yet, we are taking baby steps. The experience so far is happening from the consumer side where consumer wanted to have certain product, they can have a pre hand understanding of how that product is going to work.

It is widely being used right now on a design section where people try to build up something. Earlier, they used to have a printing methodology to build up the product , right now augmented intelligence plays a role where multiple people across the globe sits in multiple locations and start walking together to simulate a new product to understand how the product is going to work. It is like the evolving of a computer, like when it started, it took baby step. But when it came, it’s like, you know, captured the whole world.

Q) Which business & processes are best suited for Augmented Intelligence?

Absolutely, research and development to design, design, houses, sales and marketing. I think these are the best areas to fit right now.

Q) How does Augmented Intelligence differ from existing AI system?

When we talk about artificial intelligent, it’s nothing but again, you build up a certain pattern of behavior over a period of time and then you try to codify those behavior into a logical formation. Here we are talking about more of touching the world, which is not there. So it’s a more of a virtual space for you. You see it, but it’s still not there.

Q.) What are the best practices for secure enterprise-trade Augmented Intelligence?

Still not developed a full end to end, successful augmented reality. I have not seen it where it has matured to a level where it has been widely been used across the people. It is still it is there, it is evolving in terms of security. I think what it comes is DLP. We are going to use data leak preventions solutions from multiple vendors to see how this could be protected. But industry wise, I do not see that there has been widespread off security system that has come across. This is still a learning phase for organization to mature.

Q.)  What insights & competitive advantage can be gained from Augmented Intelligence?

The world is going to move towards more of bringing imagination into reality. I think if started by Steve Jobs when he come back and said that people do not know what they want and try to bring an Apple phone, it’s his imagination into a reality. I think that is where  it brings value. I mean, you have an imagination, you have creavity with you. You bring it into your imagination world in a virtual world, try to re-establish that into your physical world. I think that is where is going to add value.

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