“We have to build a culture of innovation to become successful”

Dr. Sanjiv Haribhakti: Consultant GI Surgeon, Kaizen Hospital

There are several factors which are important in creating and sustaining innovation. One of them is to develop a culture of innovation which involves developing teams for innovation which come from diverse or multidisciplinary background. These people must work in cohesion with each other. There are attitudes which are important like a positive mindset towards implementing these new ideas, so that we can achieve good and worthy outcomes. We also need goals for profit.

For this, one has to be very curious to ask the right questions at the right time, develop an ecosystem or culture of innovation or get yourself affiliated to this kind of innovation and incubation systems which are already existent. Get a good mentor or coach for yourself and then one has to expand on the idea. Get a prototype into place, do a lot of research to understand the needs of the market and do some research to understand the product.

Once you develop the prototype then you have to get it patented, get the regulatory approvals and the next level of testing done. This is an entire process and for this process you need to have a good team and a good ecosystem which can help you to take you through your spark of innovation from one end of the spectrum to reality, basically from the idea to the reality.

Basically one needs to understand whether one has that spark inside, is it natural or can just be created by some kind of learning or training. Of course the natural spark could come from people who have that natural spark of creativity inside. But I believe that this creativity culture is something that we can learn over a period of time by our mindset, by being inquisitive, by listening empathetically and then thinking about the right question and taking up the responsibility for the situation that is given to you. You can reframe your contacts.

Essentially it i a culture which can be learned and it can help the society at large and can help the country at large. Most of the countries who have become successful in the past decade are those who have been most innovative. Most of the organizations that have been successful are the organizations that have been innovative. Thus innovation is the key to success for either an individual or a group or a country or an organization.

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